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Young Businesswomen

Your Individual Experience

Key Information


Welcome to the Positive Mindset Group Experience, your
first step on the journey towards a brighter and better future.

Choose your date and time and reserve your place.

Your investment:

For just £395.00 (per person) paid in advance online, you’ll start your journey towards a better you.

Each Positive Mindset Experience is a live group session on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, consisting of two 3-hour sessions in consecutive weeks: 

  Session One begins on either a Monday or Tuesday.
  Each session starts at 8.45 am and finishes at 12 Noon (GMT) with breaks in between.
  Session Two starts on the same day the following week.

To ensure you receive the best possible experience, we ensure a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 attendees in each group.

The Positive Mindset Group Experience is a series of two online sessions where you and a
group of like-minded people come together to learn the methodology for positive thinking leading to a happier and more successful life.  

To support the live Experience, each attendee will receive a specialised ‘toolkit’ which includes support material to ensure you can continue to benefit, maintain and action your learning at work and home, well into the future.

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